3 Soverigns For Sara Essay Research Paper

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Sarah Osburn wanted to clear her sisters? names of being accused of

witch craft. So she went to a group of Judges She gave them all kinds of

different pieces of evidence Some of the evidece was that all of the accused

and hanged were land owners and there sons were almost eligible to vote

and make other important decisions. She also presented them with a map of

all the land boundaries. She did this to show that most people where

accused over land. So this was pointless.

Some of the accused did confess because the ones who confessed

were not hanged or pressed. One person who confessed was Dossy because

her mother told her no mater what confess to them. How ever some people

Just wouldn?t confess. One was Sara Osburn who was hanged. In another

case Gilis Cory would not confess so he was pressed to death. I really think

that was pointless cause what did it mater if they confessed or not. Well

they had a different theory. Witch was that if someone confess of there sin

they could be cleansed. Another person who took this way was the real

guilty one Titaba she confessed and was set free.

These pointless witch trails finally stopped when the minister higher

then Samual Paris decided spectral evidence could not be use alone to

conduct these pointless trails. I think that the stupidest punishment was

excommunication because I don?t think some man can tell God who he can

and can not communicate with. I also think that it was really sad that all

these people had to lose there lives over nothing. Although Anne Putman

Jr. apologized I don?t think that was good enough. I think she should have

had to pay some kind of big fine and give up some of her land. But over all

I think that this was a really good movie even thought it was sad.