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Many Waters Essay Research Paper

This book is about two boy brothers who went in too there mom’s lab because she was a scientist and she had exmaraments in the room.

Then they where messing around with the chemicals then the next thing they woke up on some foreign island in shorts with a wreked boat behind them they had no food or clothes. When their family got home and they found that they were’nt there and the experiment was gone they found out that they where transported to a foriegn is land and now they had to put together another formula so that they can get them and bring them back.

So their mom got putting together and then she finally got she also made one where they can get back so she gave it to her daughter and her friend. So they went and they got them and then they came back and they where not allowed to go into the lab again so this wouldn’t happen.


I picked it because my teacher picked it for me.