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Lost Horizon Essay Research Paper

The novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton is about 4 people whose plane gets hijacked and their adventures mishaps along the way.

The main characters of the novel are Hugh Conway Captain Charles Mallinson Charles Bryant Roberta Binklow Father Perrault and Chang. Hugh Conway is the central character of the novel and is the leader of the group. Captain Charles Mallinson is vice counsel working with Conway. Charles Bryant is an American who is running from the law for financial dealings and is using the name Henry B. Bernard. Roberta Binklow is a Missionary of the Eastern Mission. Father Perrault is the High Lama who runs Shangri-La. Chang is the one who found Conway and his group and brought them back to Shangri-La. He also showed the group around Shangri-La. Those are the main characters of the novel.

The conflict of the novel is when Conway Bernard Roberta and Mallinson get hijacked. They are brought to Shangri-La high up in the mountains. The turning point of the novel is when everyone gets to Shangri-La and they are trying to think of a way to leave. After being there for awhile everyone changes their mind about leaving and wants to stay. This is the conflict and turning point of the novel.

The climax of the novel is when the High Lama dies and leaves Conway in charge of Shangri-La. Conway doesn t tell anyone that he is in charge. The resolution of the novel is when Mallinson talks Conway into leaving Shangri-La with him and Lo-Tsen. All three leave Shangri-La and hike to the porters that are camping 5 miles away and they leave with the porters. This is the climax and resolution of the novel.

In conclusion the theme of the novel is how Conway and his group get hijacked and left on Shangri-La. The point of view used in the novel is 3rd person because it is told through Conway s view.