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Disaster Hits Village Essay Research Paper

Disaster hits village !

Three years ago something terrible happened in my


It all begun one evening when I was sitting and

watching on the local TV station. They interrupted

the tv program I was watching with an extra

weather forecast. They said that there was a

hurricane coming our way. They told us that we

had to stay inside our houses and that the best

would be that we went into a room in the basement

without windows. The hurricane was expected

within the next five hours. When my mother found

out that my little brother was outside she panicked

an ran out to look for him. For two hours she drove

around looking for him But when she came home

he where already at home. We went down into the

basement. We walked over to a corner and sat

down. We spent several hours there just sitting

there listening to the storm. When we heard that the

storm was over so we went outside.

It was not a pretty sight that waited for us. Almost

the whole village was destroyed. It was only the old

houses witch where standing. Fortunately our house

was one of the old solid houses.

We started helping the nabours clearing their


We thought that everything was over but no.

All of a sudden the ground started shaking more

and more. I heard someone scream ?It?s an

earthquake?. I ran towards the house but I never

got inside. All of a sudden something fell in my

head and I passed out. The next thing I now I?m

laying in my bed. I get up and looks out the

window. Everything so far I can see is destroyed

exept from our house. It was built on solid ground.

The earthquake had filled the village with water.

It took years to restore the village.