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Fun Essay Research Paper

Why not just pay college athletes? College athletics is a money making scheme

for both the college administration and the athletes that are involved. There are agents

and sponsors there are millions paid out and there are gifts given to the athletes. Some

of the athletes play without graduating and others have fake grades given to them so that

they are academically eligible. Colleges find ways to avoid actual NCAA violations to

pay players for their efforts on the playing field. Players are sold cars by boosters for

very low rates so that it appears that the cars are actually bought and not against the

violations. The public should face the facts; the more successful the team is the more

money they raise for the athletic programs of the school and the more money the actual

school receives. There is a constant push in college athletics for more games more

championships more playoffs. The school receive money for each of these things. Last

year in the major college football game called the Rose Bowl the winning team made

twenty-one million dollars for the university. Do you really think that the school would

be willing to give up that easy money. The preferential treatment that the athletes receive

lead them to believe that they are ?untouchable? on campus. There is a big problem on

campus with the behavior of these athletes. There have been numerous movies made

about this subject. The Program and Blue Chips are probably the best known movies that

attempt to depict the life of college athletes and the college administrations. The Program

depicts a college football team the fixes grades and finds ways to get their athletes out of