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King Arthur Essay Research Paper

Arthur s plan for a round table signified truth and equality. It was to end competition between his knights. By having a round table there were no heads of the table and therefore no seat was more important than another. Arthur expressed his desire to encounter all of the evil in the world…so that if I conquered there would be none left. Merlin then insightfully replied that would be extremely presumptuous and he would be conquered for it . In this White conveys the notion that society cannot be governed by might alone. He stresses that violence is not the answer to life s trials. In The Queen of Air and Darkness White makes his point again that aggression is not the answer when he compares Hitler (the Austrian who forced his will on the world) to Jesus Christ (the philosopher who made his ideas available). Wart s entire education by Merlyn was directed towards a sensitivity to life and a respect for it. It does not matter what kind of government is in place what truly matters is the kind of leader. As long as those in charge are upstanding and moral then the people would prosper.