You Are What You Buy Essay Research

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?You are what you buy.? This is a very interesting statement which creates an opinionated view of people. The meaning of the statement shows us that what people buy can present others with a particular opinion of them. When people buy something they buy it because they need it or because they just want it. People like to show off what they buy for attention which makes them feel better about themselves. Certain products such as houses cars clothing pets and food can reflect upon a person which means ? you are what you buy.? Buying a product is a preference of the consumer so what he or she picks is what he or she prefers. For some people what they buy poses a reflection upon them but not everyone should be judged for what they buy.

There are many ways people look at others on a daily basis but when someone says ?you are what you buy ? he or she will probably think it is a negative statement. There are many ways people can take this statement. For one they could take it as a compliment in that they are saying ?thanks ? because they feel that what they buy are all the ?right? purchases. Others mostly the rich take it as a pessimistic comment because they usually buy luxurious items for which they have no use. There is