New England Colonies Essay Research Paper The

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New England Colonies Essay Research Paper

The New England Colonies

The New England Colonies were made up of Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut and New Hampshire. Massachusetts’s founders were John Carver William Bradford and John Winthrop and they founded it in 1620. One of the reasons Carver Bradford and Winthrop founded Massachusetts was for religious freedom. Ferdinando Gorges and John Mason founded New Hampshire and they discovered it in 1622. The reason that Gorged and Mason Founded New Hampshire was for profit from trade and fishing. Roger Williams founded Rhode Island in 1636 for religious freedom. Connecticut was founded by Thomas Hooker also in 1636 for profit from fur trade and freedom in both religious and political freedom. In most of the New England Colonies there was a lot of fishing done and people in New England grew most of their own food.

Since the New England soil was too thin and rocky they thought it was a sign from god for them to work harder so the children’s parents were strict and they wanted their children to study the Bible. When they were born their parents believed that they were born as devils and it was their job to train them and make them pure. At the age of six or seven the parents had kids do a lot of hard chores such as caring for and feeding the livestock planting crops chopping firewood and fixing the fences for the boys and the girls had to learned to cook make yarn make clothing make soap plant gardens and care for younger children. The church of Plymouth Rock was the main place for the Puritans’ meetings. The Puritans were called Puritans because they wanted to purify the Church of England.