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Youth Violence Essay Research Paper

Youth violence affects a lot of people. Hearing about it on the news is one way that youth violence has affected my life. In Washington D.C. there is a lot of youth violence.

While I do not know any victims of youth violence youth violence has affected my life. I cannot go outside during lunch at school. I have to walk through a metal detector when I enter my school and when I want to go to a concert at the MCI Center.

There are many causes of youth violence. The availability of drugs and weapons in the community is one of the causes of youth violence. If people can get weapons easily they have no problems committing crimes. The media is another major cause of youth violence because people see and hear about crimes and copy them. Conflict in the family can influence someone to perform violent acts. After witnessing domestic violence at home they go out in the streets and do what they see their parents do. Some violent youths will also try to get their friends to commit crimes with them.

There is a lot to be done about youth violence in the community. Metal detectors in school are a great way to prevent youth violence because if kids are unable to bring weapons to school there will be a lot less youth violence. Talking to a school counselor can help students who might become violent because a counselor can help them solve their problems. Student mentoring can help too because students who do not feel comfortable talking to an adult will feel more comfortable talking to someone their own age. Conflict resolution classes help because they give students the skills that they need to solve their problems with out using violence. Adult role models who speak against violence can help reduce youth violence.

Youth Violence

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