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Queen of the Damned is basically the story of the origin of vampires. All vampires

originated from a single vampire Akasha and she became known as the queen. The

queen and her king Enkil the first vampire she ever created sit atop their throne in a

comatose state. They are so powerful that they no longer need to feed on the blood of

humans. In this story Lestat who is hated and hunted by his fellow vampires for telling

humans he is a vampire awakens the queen by biting her neck The queen then goes on a

killing spree destroying all vampires she comes across.

The queen cuts a path straight to Lestat who she then abducts. The only vampires

that are spared by Akasha are but the one?s that Lestat and the eldest vampires who she

cannot kill with her mind. Many of the vampires who were spared band together and

decide to fight the queen. It isn?t until this point that we discover why the queen has

abducted Lestat and killed hundreds of vampires. Akasha believes that the vampire blood

has been tainted over time and that only women should be blessed with this power and

that the human women should rule the men.

To add yet another twist to the story the queen is in love with Lestat and has

chosen him to be her dark prince as well as her personal assassin. She then proceeds to

slaughter the male population on several islands as well as those vampires she comes

across with the help of Lestat who is too scared of her to disobey. Meanwhile the band

of surviving vampires are planning a way to destroy the queen and end her path of death

and destruction.

Eventually the queen and the rebel vampires meet up and the rebels attempt to

reason with her for they fear she cannot be defeated in battle. Lestat then switches sides

and Akasha is so distraught that one of the rebel vampires is able to rip her head off.