Microsoft Excel Інтерфейс головне меню Excel

Вікно програми Мал.1 Microsoft Excel – табличний процесор, програма для створення й обробки електронних таблиць. Ярлик Microsoft Excel частіше за все має вигляд на мал.1.

My teacher of English

Knowledge of foreign languages nowadays helps to promote cultural, educational and technical cooperation among nations. At present English is the most important of the world’s languages. In number of speakers it ranks second. The use of English in diplomacy, commerce and science is evidence of its importance.

My Future Profession

The right choice of profession is very important for the future of any young man. Sooner or later everyone has to make this choice. My favourite subjects at school were English, Literature and History. I think my teachers were quite happy with my work that’s why they invited me to participate in contests in different subjects.

My Hobbies

I have some free time not only on Sundays and on my holidays, but also on weekdays. And as soon as I have a spare minute, I devote it to my hobbies. Tastes differ. Different people like different things, different people have different hobbies. I have four hobbies, so to speak. They are reading, listening to music, computer and going in for sports.

Microsoft Word Робота з шаблонами

РЕФЕРАТ на тему: “” Огляд шаблонів Кожний документ Microsoft Word заснований на шаблоні. Шаблон визначає основну структуру документа і містить настроювання документа, такі як елементи автотексту, шрифти, призначення сполучень клавіш, макроси, меню, параметри сторінки, форматування і стилі. Існує два основних види шаблонів — загальні шаблони і шаблони документів.

Methylotrophic biomass as 2H-labeled substrate for biosynthesis of inosine

It was proposed to use the 2H-labeled hydrolysate of RuMP facultative methylotroph Brevibacterium methylicum, obtained from deuterated salt medium dM9 as a substrate for the growth of inosine producing bacterium Bacillus subtilis.

MS Excel: надстройка "Поиск решения"

Максимизация прибыли универмага. Расчет прибылей от реализации средствами надстройки "Поиск решения" MS Excel. Распределение аудиторов по фирмам менеджером-координатором с минимизацией затрат времени на подготовку через целевую функцию в MS Excel.

Mount Everest - natural wonder

Mount Everest - natural wonder Реферат на тему: The ancient Sanskrit names for the mountain are Devgiri (Sanskrit for "Holy Mountain") and Devadurga (the English pronounced it deodungha in the 1800s).[1]. In Nepali it is known as


TIGERS TIGER, NO LAUGHING JOKE How is a tiger's face like your thumb? ANSWER: The stripes on the tiger's face are like your thumbprint. No two people have exactly the same thumbprint. And no two tigers have exactly the same stripe pattern.

My Favourite Writer

Мой любимый писатель.



My School-Day

Мой день в школе.



My school

Моя школа.

My flat

Моя квартира.

My first journey

Моле первое путешествие.

Madam Tussaud's Museum

Study the history of the wax sculpture. Development of the museum of wax figures, the most visited tourist destinations in the world. The story of Madame Tussaud is as fascinating as that of the exhibition itself. Secrets studio of Madame Tussaud’s.

Mark Twain's Satire

Early life of Mark Twain. Literary career, Twain’s first successful experiences. Marriage and wife’s influence on Mark Twain’s literary works. "The Guilded Age" as the first significant work. Critical analysis of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer".

Marxism and women’s movement

The theory and practice of Marxism as it relates to women’s liberation. In response to feminist criticism, many Marxists have been unnecessarily defensive. Marxism, feminism and the struggle for reform. The real Marxist tradition. The Russian Revolution.

Mass media

Newspapers, the radio and television play inform, educate and entertain us. They also influence the way people look at the world and even make them change their views. In other words, mass media play a very important part in shaping public opinion.

Mass migration in Australia

The benefits of past migrations, from the point of view of the migrants themselves and of the other citizens of the developing Australian society. Opinion polls, notions of public opinion. A civilised migration policy for Australia for the 21st century.

Mechanical Solidarity through Likeness

Organic solidarity due to the division of labour. Contractual solidarity. Solidarity which comes from likeness is at its maximum when the collective conscience completely envelops our whole conscience and coincides in all points with it. Anomic Suicide.

Mesures non tarifaires

Mesures non tarifaires: la notion et l'essence. Les definitions principaux et types des mesures non tarifaires. Les obstacles non tarifaires dans le commerce exterieur. Mesures non tarifaires a l’exemple du commerce des produits agricoles.

Methods of Lexicological Analysis

The process of scientific investigation. Contrastive Analysis. Statistical Methods of Analysis. Immediate Constituents Analysis. Distributional Analysis and Co-occurrence. Transformational Analysis. Method of Semantic Differential. Contextual Analysis.

Minor Types of Lexical Opposition (Shortened Words)

Common characteristics of the qualification work. General definition of homonyms. Graphical abbreviations, acronyms. Abbreviations as the major type of shortenings. Secondary ways of shortening: sound interchange and sound imitating. Blendening of words.

Modal verbs

Can, may, We can compare may and can. Must. Must and May compared. To have to. To be to. Must, to have to and to be to compared. Ought to. Shall and should. Must, Should and ought to compared. Should + Perfect infinitive.

Modern dialectical materialism

Lag in consciousness. Science and the crisis of society. The affirmation of historical materialism. Need for the philosophy. Role of religion. Division of labour is division between manual and mental labour in primitive society. Materialism and idealism.

Modern tourism

The World Tourism Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations, is the leading international organization in the field of tourism. International tourism is the world's largest export earner in the balance of payments of most nations.

Multiple Intelligences in the structure of a new English syllabus for secondary school

Present-day issues of foreign language teaching at secondary school. Current concepts in secondary school graduates EFL. Psychological analysis of Gardner's Theory. Learning environment in teaching English conversation.

Marketing Plan for juice "Seila"

Wimm-Bill-Dann as a producer in dairy products and one of the leader children’s food in Russia. The SWOT and PEST analysis of the enterprise. The individual critical reflection on learning outcomes. The ways of the effective communication with customers.

Multiple Intelligences in the structure of a new English syllabus for secondary school

ontents Introduction Chapter 1. Multiple Intelligences in the structure of a new English syllabus for secondary school Methodology as a science 1.1.1 Present-day issues of foreign language teaching at secondary school

Moscow city

Город Москва.

Mars Planet

Планета Марс.

Moby Dick

Моби Дик. Соедражение романа Мелвилла.

Management of organization

The Nature of Management. The evolution of management thought. Planning and decision making. Organizing is an important managerial function. Strategic management. Staffing and human resource management. Communicating and motivation in management.
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