Studies lexical material of English

How important is vocabulary. How are words selected. Conveying the meaning. Presenting vocabulary. How to illustrate meaning. Decision - making tasks. Teaching word formation and word combination. Teaching lexical chunks. Teaching phrasal verbs.

Study of advertising language

Structure (composition) of advertisements is determined by their purpose and tasks referred to. A very common feature of any advertisement is the advertising claims which possesses certain peculiarities and is of great interest to a translator.

Stylistic analysis of the part of the novel "Rebecca" by Daphne Du Maurier

Daphne Du Maurier. The novel "Rebecca" is among the most memorable in twentieth-century literature. Stylistic morphology, stylistic syntax, stylistic semasiology. Parenthetic sentences/arenthesis. Parallelism. Nominative sentences. Rhetorical question.

Stylistic Classification of the English Vocabulary

General considerations of stylistic classification of the English vocabulary. Neutral, common literary and common colloquial vocabulary, special literary vocabulary, colloquial vocabulary, poetic, highly literary words, archaic, obsolescent and obsolete.

Stylistic Features of Charles Dickens’s works

Charles Dickens and his autobiography. Charles Dickens as the most popular and productive novelist combined social Critism with comedy and sentiment, creating a tone that the world identifies as Victorian lake chancer and Shakespeare before him.

Stylistic potential of tense-aspect verbal forms in modern English

The background of the research of stylistic potential of tense-aspect verbal forms. The analysis of stylistic potential of tense-aspect verbal forms in modern English. Methodological recommendations for teaching of tense-aspect verbal forms in English.

Supply and demand

image:simple_supply_and_demand.png A theory of price. Analysis of Markets. Simple Supply and Demand curves. Demand curve shifts. Supply curve shifts. Effects of being away from the Equilibrium Point. Vertical Supply Curve. Other market forms. Discrete Example. Application: Subsidy.

Switzerland tourism

Switzerland is a traditional country of tourism. A tourist infrastructure is developed in a country. Picturesque nature and advantageous geographical position provides an influx in the country of great number of tourists. Known resorts of Switzerland.

Sydney burning

Heavy fire in Sydney. Insufficiency of the prevention of police about arson possibility. Risk of fires and of police provocation. Telegrammes between the state Legal department of the Crown and Department of the federal General public prosecutor.

Syntax and semantics of verbals in English

Grammatical overview of English verbals. General characteristics of English verbals. General characteristics of Participles. Syntax and Semantics of English Verbals. The functions of the Infinitive in the sentence. Syntax and semantics of participles.

Strategic Planning

The corporate development history and current situation strategy of the Computacenter. Opportunities and threats for Computacenter on the analysis of IT-industry and macro-environmental analysis. The recommendations for the future strategic direction.

Structural-semantic and functional features of the category of voice in languages of different system

Contextual and functional features of the passive forms of grammar in English. Description of the rules of the time in the passive voice. Principles of their translation into Russian. The study of grammatical semantics combinations to be + Participle II.

Synchronization and effect of Zommerfelda as typical resonant samples

Problem of oscillations arising in an elastic base caused by rotor vibrations of an asynchronous driver near the critical angular velocity. The equations of slow motions. Oscillations in the absence of energy dissipation. Damped stationary oscillations.

Stress In The Work Place Essay Research

Paper Stress in the Work Place. How to Create a Productive and Healthy Work Environment. Under the author’s perspective, the justification of studying stress in organizations is due to its effect, positive or negative, on the efficiency and vitality of employees and organizations as a whole. Stress is a common denominator in organizations all over the world.

Suicide Lurks Over The Horizon Essay Research

Paper Joe Smith Ms. Johnson Period 4 22 May 2000 Suicide Lurks Over the Horizon Many people say that Ernest Hemingway?s stature within the view of the public has only increased since his death, proving that his work has endured the test of time. In many minds of Americans who are familiar with Hemingway, he was a man of contrast and contradictions.

Streit im Haus

Viele Leute wissen nicht, was man darf und was man im Haus nicht machen darf. Da sind wichtige Gerichtsurteile.

Slaughterhouse Five

Бойня номер пять. Содержание романа Курта Воннегута.

Stress Management Among Students Essay Research Paper

Time Management for Today?s Student Leaders Time management has become increasingly important to my jump from high school to college. My time has become very limited do to classes, class-work, athletics and fatigue. In an average day I spend about four hours in a classroom, three hours on the soccer field, two hours eating, two to three hours playing video games or online talking to friends, and whenever I can I try to sleep.

Should The Harris Superquarry Go Ahead Essay

, Research Paper Should The Harris Superquarry Go Ahead? Rural Economic Development Kenneth Mercer BSc Rural Resources III 16th December 1994 TABLE OF FIGURES

Should press be liable or not?

Должна ли пресса быть правдивой.


Анализ творчества Стендаля (на французском языке).

Some problems of accentual structure in English

Study of different looks of linguists on an accentual structure in English. Analysis of nature of pressure of the English word as the phonetic phenomenon. Description of rhythmic tendency and functional aspect of types of pressure of the English word.

Subject: ways of expressing the sentence

Identification of the main features of a subject in the sentence which is based on theoretical and scientific works of Russian, English, American and Romanian authors. Research of a subject and its features in works of the American and English fiction.

Saki Essay Research Paper grave set Kira

Saki Essay, Research Paper grave set Kira’s head before it, thus declaring their Lord’s honour redeemed. The Shogun was deeply impressed with the loyalty demonstrated by the 47 ronin. While sympathetic to their heroic act,

Strategic Analysis Of Emc Corp Essay Research

Paper I say, Don t put all your eggs in one basket is all wrong. I tell you, Put all your eggs in one basket, and then watch that basket. (Andrew Carnegie, 1885)-Quote in EMC Annual Report

School in Great Britain

Школы в Великобритании.

Staatsorgane des Bundes

Государственные органы республики Германия.


Поход по магазинам.

Sir Henry Rider Haggard

Сэр Генри Райдер Хаггард.

St George’s Chapel

Церковь Святого Георгия.

Some problems of borrowing in the Russian language

Некоторые проблемы заимствований в русском языке.

St. Valentine's day

День святого Валентина (праздник, история).

Sydney city

Австралия, Сидней.



Saint Valentine's Day

Who was Saint Valentine? The history of Saint Valentine's Day. Valentine traditions, customs, symbols: cupid, hearts and arrows, lovebirds, valentine’s cards, paper hands, love knots. Saint Valentine’s poems by W. Blake, R. Burns, W. Woodsworth.
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