Saint-Petersbourg. Moscou, La peinture. La Galerie Tretiakov. Le musee Russe. La nature

Saint-Petersbourg est une ville sacree pour chaque Russe. Moscou est fondee en 1147 par le prince Youri Dolgorouki. Je veux dire que j’adore deux peitre: Ilia Repine et Valentine Serov. Musee Russe est une des plus riches reserves de l’art russe.

Schooling in Great Britain

State Schools. Private Schools. The junior classroom. Division of pupils of an elementary school in three streams. The grammar school. Aspects of British University. The colleges in the University of London. Oxford, Cambridge. The University of London.


Scotland an original country. Tragic history. Symbol of Scotland. World history is full of Scottish names. Peculiarities of Scottish character. Customs and traditions. Peculiarities of Scottish character. The research on Scottish and Russian traditions.


Everybody knows that there are four seasons in a year and every season is good on its own way with its own charm. Consider autumn for example. In September and November it is still warm and the sun shines brightly in the blue cloudless sky.

Secrets of 3D computer graphics

Familiarization with the concept of 3D graphics and principles of working with pictures in graphic editors. Guidelines for creating a virtual 3D worlds. Achieve a realistic image with depth of field. Creating the effect of moving three-dimensional object.

Sellers and buyers in Russia and in foreign countries

The generalized kind corresponding conditions legal relations sellers and buyers. The international view of the law and consumers. Protection of the rights of consumers and comparison of Russian and European legislation related to consumers rights.

Sexual violence and capitalism

The themes, analysis and solutions raised by feminists with reference to Australian work, and outline a Marxist analysis of violence against women. The importance of violence against women as a political issue. The emergence of women as sexual beings.


Characteristic features of Slang. Feature Articles: Magical, Ritual, Language and Trench Slang of the Western front. Background of Cockney English. Slang Lexicographers. The Bloomsbury Dictionary Of Contemporary slang. Slang at the Millennium.


Smoking is a big social issue in many countries nowadays widely discussed in newspapers, radio and TV-shows. People start smoking for different reasons. Some say they smoke in order to relax, rest and distract from their daily stress.

Social democracy

Social-democratic workers under the influence of the ideology of class collaboration with the bourgeoisie. Communist movement as the defender of the values of western civilisation. A welfare program and unparalleled degree of private enterprise.

Social interaction and social relation. Levels of social interactions

Social interaction and social relation are identified as different concepts. There are three components so that social interaction is realized. Levels of social interactions. Theories of social interaction. There are three levels of social interactions.

Social interactions and social processes

The subjective aspects of social life. Social process – those activities, actions, operations that involve the interaction between people. Societal interaction – indirect interaction bearing on the level of community and society. Modern conflict theory.

Social organization

Understanding of the organization and its structure. Any organization has its structure. Organizational structure is the way in which the interrelated groups of the organization are constructed. Development of management on the post-Soviet area.

System of education of Great Britain

System of education from an elementary school up to high school and some areas of a countryside in Great Britain. In high school pass examination on the certificate GCE. Universities in GB that have turned to national legends: Oxford and Cambridge.

Semantic features of English proverbs

Phraseology as a subsystem of language. Phraseological units and their types. Proverbs as a phraseological unit, their classification. Types of proverbs on meanings motivation. Proverbs as the way expressing people's wisdom and spirit and literary works.

Syntagmatic and paradigmatic peculiarities of adverbs in English

The adverb in English theoretical grammar. Semantic classification of and lexico-grammatical subdivision of adverbs. Syntagmatic valency of adverbs and its actualization in speech. The use of adverbs of degree with gradable and non-gradable adjectives.


The description of seasons, their characteristic signs and advantages of everyone them them. The description of holidays on seasons of year: national and nation-wide, ridiculous and serious. Features of celebrating, history of occurrence of holidays.

September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001 - 11 сентября 2001 года.

Sports In The 30

′S Essay, Research Paper In the 30 s, men dominated the courts, fields, tracks and other sports arenas, and most women did not even consider stepping foot onto them. This decade set the stage for sports and athletics to progress in the future, both in race and gender. Many great athletes remain distinguished for their efforts and achievements during this period, and continue to be admired today.

Sports And Culture Do Sports Help Kids

Become Better People Essay, Research Paper Sports and Culture: Do Sports Help Kids Become Better People? Many parents’ major concern today is that their children “stay ahead of the pack”, and keep “an edge” over the competition. For this reason, schools are filled with children in enriched and accelerated programs.

Super Predator Essay Research Paper The Super

Super Predator Essay, Research Paper The Super PredatorDescription:A study into the causes and proposals for the growing number of Juvenile Psychopaths known as the Super Predators. What is the “super predator”? He or she are young hypercriminals who are committing acts of violence of unprecedented coldness and brutality.

Super Bowl Commercials Essay Research Paper Super

Super Bowl Commercials Essay, Research Paper Super Bowl advertising: What really works? Introduction. 1. Introduction. Once a year almost the entire U.S. population sits down to watch the same program, the

Super Natural In Shakespeare

’s Plays Essay, Research Paper Super natural in Shakespeare’s playsIn the time of William Shakespeare there was a strong belief in the existence of the supernatural. Thus, the supernatural is a recurring aspect in many of Mr.

Super Predators Essay Research Paper What is

Super Predators Essay, Research Paper What is the "super predator"? They are young hypercriminals who are committing acts of violence of unprecedented coldness and brutality. This newest

Sponsors And Sports Essay Research Paper Sponsors

Sponsors And Sports Essay, Research Paper Sponsors and Sports In the world of sports, everything from the cups the athletes drink from to the stadiums they play in is up for grabs. The four major sports are a playing

Supply And Demand For The Porsche Boxter

Essay, Research Paper The Porsche Boxter Unveiled in February 1996 at a low-profile motor show in Hamburg, the Porsche Boxter was not born on a computer screen or in a focus group, but in the hearts, minds and imaginations of a small band of engineers with a passion for driving.

Sexism In Sports Essay Research Paper SEXISM

Sexism In Sports Essay, Research Paper SEXISM IN SPORTS What are the facts, opinions, and resources about sexism in sports that address age-old questions about gender issues in

Sports Violence Essay Research Paper Sports violenceThe

Sports Violence Essay, Research Paper Sports violence The Growing Problem of Violence in Sports Bench clearing brawls in baseball, bloody hockey fights, soccer mobs, post-game

Sports And Responsibility Essay Research Paper Sports

Sports And Responsibility Essay, Research Paper Sports and Responsibility Responsibility goes hand and hand with sports. If you cannot be a responsible person you will struggle with sports. It many not just from the player side it could very well be from the coaching side. I have had the experience to learn from both the players side but also from a coach prospective on responsibility.

Standardization Of The English Language Essay Research

Paper Standardization of the English Language There are several important events before 1500 that when listed together show a series of steps in the struggle for English language supremacy. These steps are

Symbols Of Women Essay Research Paper Symbols

Symbols Of Women Essay, Research Paper Symbols of Women There are many symbols placed on women in today’s society. These symbols act as stereotypes that usually degrade women on a daily basis. However, many of these symbols are just a term, and have no meaning behind them. An example of this is the reference of women being referred to as “dogs.”

Symbols Progression Of Regression Essay Research Paper

To fully understand an author?s central theme, one must appreciate the symbols he uses and what the symbols represent. The symbols used by Nobel Prize winning author William Golding, in his novel Lord of the Flies, illustrates this need for comprehension. The characters in this novel, a group of school aged British boys, are stranded on a tropical utopia.

Symbols Essay Research Paper SymbolsSymbols can play

Symbols Essay, Research Paper Symbols Symbols can play very important roles in the stories that contain them. ?The Masque of the Red Death? by Edgar Allan Poe has three major examples of symbols that help to give the story its true meaning. The three main occurrences of symbolism are evident as a color, number, or a name.

Sports Vs Women Essay Research Paper Sports

Sports Vs. Women Essay, Research Paper Sports are a very important part of the American society. Within sports heroes are made, goals are set and dreams are lived. The media makes all these things possible by creating publicity for the rising stars of today. Within society today, the media has downplayed the role of the woman within sports.

School Breakfast Programs Essay Research Paper There

School Breakfast Programs Essay, Research Paper There are many benefits and many possible drawbacks for the participation in a federal school breakfast program. The USDA sponsors the federal school breakfast program. The relationship between hunger and the ability to learn are very closely related.
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