Tupolev 154M noise asesment (Анализ шумовых характеристик самолёта Ту-154М)

Contents 1The Noise Problem 2Effects of Noise Hearing Loss Noise Interference Sleep Disturbance Noise Influence on Health 3Noise Sources Jet Noise Turbomachinery Noise

The Geographical Location of Ukraine

Ukraine is a wondrous land of spectacular scenic beauty, a land of shady woods and rolling hills, glittering lakes and deep blue seas, soaring mountains and tranquil estuaries.

Tелеконференцiї USENET i UNIX

Новини Простіше усього набути досвід роботи з Internet, читаючи новини Usenet. (Usenet означає User's Network мережу користувача.) Я знав про новини задовго до того, як взнав об Internet. Ви також, напевно, знаєте про комп'ютерні бюлетені (іноді званих дошками оголошень). Це форма спілкування, коли користувачі викликають один комп'ютер і залишають повідомлення для читання всіма іншими абонентами (дійсно, на зразок "дошки оголошень").

The political system of Great Britain

Great Britain is only major country in the world, which does not have a written constitution set out in a single document. The constitution in the UK is made up of Acts of Parliament, common law and conventions which may be changed by general agreement.


The Constitution outlines the structure of the national government and specifies its powers and duties. Under the Constitution the powers of the government are divided into three branches - the legislative which consists of the Verhovna Rada, the executive, headed by the President, and the judicial, which is led by the Supreme Court.

Today s weather and my attitude to it

Weather is a thing that worries everybody. When people meet they like to talk about today’s weather and the weather forecast for the next day. Many our decisions and plans depend upon weather. In accordance with weather we often plan our weekends. If a weather forecast promises a clear and warm day, the best way to spend it is to have a picnic.

The Hermitage

I can’t say that I often go to museums. We are always in a hurry and it is very difficult to spare 2 or 3 hours to visit a local museum. But when I travel I always try to see all the museums and exhibitions that can be found in the place I am. Some month ago I was in S. Petersburg. I visited many places of interest including the Hermitage Gallery and now I want to tell you about it.

Tradde Station

Trade Station By Omega Research Содержание Технический анализ …………………………………………………… Каковы методы анализа? …………………………………………….. Что может TradeStation


Совместный казахстанско-американский банк. Финансовые показатели деятельности банка. Займы, предоставленные клиентам. Динамика роста займов клиентам. Динамика пассивов. Структура доходов и расходов. Основные направления развития банка.

Tradde Station

Trade Station By Omega Research Содержание Технический анализ…………………………………………………… Каковы методы анализа?…………………………………………….. Что может TradeStation сделать для нас?………………………….

The Banking System

The Banking System The Introduction The Banking System of the United State of America Central Banking Commercial Banking and the Development of the Fed The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy


Tеренций (Publius Terentius Afer) - даровитейший, после Плавта, представитель древнеримской комедии. Лучшим источником для его биографии является древнее жизнеописание его, принадлежащее Светонию.

The effect of light intensity on the amount of chlorophyll in “Cicer arietinum”

Extended Essay Biology (SL) “ The effect of light intensity on the amount of chlorophyll in “ Cicer arietinum ” Word count: 4 413 words

The evolution

The account of all the system of modern evolutionary biology is a compositive evolution theory, the principal case of which have been established by the works of Chetverikov, Fisher, Holdane, Dubinin and etc.

The production of 2H-labeled amino acids by a new mutant of RuMP fucultative methylotroph Вrevibacterium methylicum

The biosynthesis of 2H-labeled phenylalanine was done by converse of low molecular weight substrates in a new RuMP facultative methylotrophic mutant Brevibacterium methylicum. Isotope components of growth media and characteristics of bacterial growth.

The role of deuterium in molecular evolution

The role of deuterium in molecular evolution is most interesting question of nowdays science comprises two points mainly: the evolution of deuterium itself as well as the chemical processes going with participation of deuterium.

Target Costing

Target Costing ТARGET COSTING Современный таргет-костинг (японское название — genka kikaku) зародился в Японии в 1960-х годах. Впервые данный метод внедрила в практику корпорация Toyota в 1965 году [1], хотя некоторые, более примитивные его формы еще в 1947 году использовала компания General Electric. На этом предприятии издавна использовалась система управления целевыми издержками (target cost management), однако по сути она представляла собой чересчур упрощенную версию современной концепции.

The Electronic accounting

Under an obligation to present her. Is responsibility which for her presentation. Legislative norms. Pluses and minuses of the electronic accounting. List of obliged. Ministry of finance about the fiscal accounting. Order of presentation. Responsibility.

Teхнические средства борьбы с АСПО

В работе проанализированы условия и причины образования АСПО при добыче нефти на Арланском, Южно-Ягунском и др. месторождениях. Рассмотрены известные на сегодняшний день химические и физические методы предотвращения и удаления АСПО.

The Economy of Great Britain

Little more than a century ago, Britain was 'the workshop of the world'. It had as many merchant ships as the rest of the world put together and it led the world in most manufacturing industries. This did not last long. By 1885 one analysis reported, "We have come to occupy a position In which we are no longer progressing, but even falling bock....

The United States of America

Реферат З англійської мови на тему: “ The United States of America ” учениці 10-ЕЛ класу школи-ліцею №7 Подлубної Тетяни Вінниця 2001 PLAN

The face of every city is different. Washington D.C.

United States of America is the fourth largest country in the world, after Russia, Canada and China. It occupies the southern part of North America, and includes Alaska.

The United States of America

Some american holidays. The United States began as a nation of 13 states. The original 13 colonies were then located in the area today occupied by 16 states and 34 other states were admitted to union one by one.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Text There are a lot of rivers in the UK, but they are not very long. There are a lot of rivers in the UK, but they are not very long. Graphics

The essence of democracy and its core values

Elements of a democratic system: citizenship, equality and respect for the decisions together. The notion of elections as a vote of free citizens to government regulation. Creating the Constitution to limit government and protect the rights and freedoms.

The transactions in civil law

The concept and characteristics of the transaction. System of the rules operating social relations in the field of civil movement. Classification of transactions of various types. The validity of the transaction is recognized for it as a legal fact.

TQM конкретное преимущество, стратегическое управление


TQM в Российских компаниях. Проблемы

Содержание 1 Всеобщее управление качеством (Total Quality Management) 4 1.1 Основные принципы TQM 6 2 Может ли TQM стать национальной идеей России? 11

Terra incognita: электронная пресса

Падение выручки от продаж, вызванное экономическим кризисом и бурным развитием компьютерных технологий, заставляют издателей периодики искать новые способы дистрибуции своей продукции.



Television and advertisement

Телевидение и реклама.

The Ecological Crisis: A Myth or Reality

Экологический кризис: миф или реальность.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Объединеное королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии.

The ways to increase effectiveness of e-marketing in "Print Express Company"

The main principles of marketing. The globalization of activity and costs decreasing. The personification of interaction and transition to e-marketing and the problem of e-marketing economic effectiveness. Marketing communications in the internet.

The Business Cycles as a Form of Economic Development

Definition of Cyclicity. Stages of the Business Cycles. Stabilizing policy of the State. Causes of Economic Cycles. The Great Depression.Types and Continuity of the Business Cycles. Short Cycles. Middle Term Cycles. Long Cycles (The Kondratiev wave).
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