The "new class"

Women predominate among graduates in the fields of health, education and society and culture. The K. Betts-Robert Birrell bunch's anti-migration version of the "new class" theory. Racism is not innate in "human nature". Why Betts and company can't win.

The political method of the International Socialist Organisation

Thrее basic Marxist criteria. Rеlаting tо thе fоrmеr USSR. Nоtеs tо rеstоrе thе socialist prоjеct. Оrigins оf thе Intеrnаtiоnаl Sоciаlists. Thе stаtе cаpitаlist thеоry. Stаtе capitalism аnd thе fаll оf thе burеаucrаcy. Lоcаl prаcticе аnd pеrspеctivеs.



The Consequences of the Soviet-Afghan War

Essay: . “What did the Afghan war give us? Thousands of mothers who lost their sons, thousands of cripples, and thousands of torn-up lives” (qtd. in Tamarov 156). These are the words of a veteran of the Soviet-Afghan war. The Soviet war was against an internal Afghan problem – the Mujahideen, an Islamic Fundamentalist group that was trying to overtake the ruling Afghan government.

The Irish Question (Ирландский вопрос)

Moscow 1998 07.05.98 The Irish Question Moscow State Pedagogical University Snigir Aleksei The Plan: 1. The position of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom

The Problem of Holmelessness in Canada

Homelessness is a huge problem in the whole world. In poor countries, so called “third world countries” you can meet homeless people on every corner. That’s why government of “third world counties” tries to solve this problem by building more homes and shelters. Ministry of Health encountered with many strange diseases caused by unsanitary conditions of living.

The Value Based Leadership Theory

Managers do things right Leaders do the right things… Value Based Leadership Theory Moscow 1999 “ Leaders are dealers in hope” Bonaparte Napoleon

Transports - на турецком языке

Jūras transports. Pārvadājumu nodrošināšanai jūras transportam ir daudznozāres saimniecība, kas sastāv no:

TV остаётся самым востребованным носителем рекламы

Казалось бы, опережающий рост рекламных поступлений должен закономерно вести к улучшению качества продукта, которым каналы заполняют эфир. Однако на практике всё оказывается несколько иначе.

The cybernetics movements

The interpretations of cybernetics. The term "cybernetics" has been associated with many stimulating conferences, yet cybernetics has not thrived as an organized scientific field within American universities. Questions about the history of cybernetics.

Tourism in Germany

Tourism in Germany The South Ural State University The paper work: TOURISM IN GERMANY Written by: Shamanova Nadejda Andreevna Group: S-151 Checked by: Kovaleva Olga Ivanovna


TOPIC 11 Describe your personal experience.Say which of your trips was really remarkable and which turned out to be a disappointment.Describe a place which impressed you most.

theory of metal passivation

theory of metal passivation Research concept Theory of metal passivation Metal surface contacting with solution of electrolyte in some definite condition transformed to so called passive state. Study of this phenomena on the border of metal – electrolyte plays an important role, as they define the process of destruction of metal.

The dark side of the moon

О представлениях о жизни и смерти.

The Global Money Markets and Money Management

The General Economic Conditions for the Use of Money. Money and Money Substitutes. The Global Money Markets. US Money Market. Money Management. Cash Management for Finance Managers. The activity of financial institutions in the money market involves.

The Tax System of the United States

Federalism and the Tax System. Federal Taxes and Intergovernmental Revenues. Tax Reform. The Progressivity of the Tax System. Political Influences on the Tax System. Main principles of US tax system. The importance of Social Security taxes.

The City of London and its role as a financial centre

he cit y of London and its role as a financial center Chapter 1. Introduction. The Concept of the City of London. Britain is a major financial centre providing a wide range of specialised services. The country’s economy has for a long time been directed through the great financial institutions which together are known as “The City”, capital “C”, and which are mainly located in the famous “Square Mile” of the City of London.

The models of atoms nucleus and table of elements

Model of atom’s nucleus and table of elements. Every subsequent element of the table of elements differs from the previous one in the amount of protons in its nucleus which is increased by one unit and the amount of neutrons is increased by several units in general. That means , that there are more neutrons in the nucleus than protons (without taking into consideration the lightest nucleuses).

The balanced scorecard (новые возможности для эффективного управления)

BSC была создана в 1990 году, когда ряд консалтинговых фирм в США приступил к изучению вопроса эффективности управления, поиску возможностей и инструментов, обеспечивающих ее повышение.

The Development of foreign trade of Ukraine

Principles of foreign economic activity. Concepts and theories of international trade. Regulation of foreign trade. Evaluation of export potential. Export, import flows of commodities, of services. Main problems and strategy of foreign trade of Ukraine.

Transitional Success: USSR to EU

The Czech Republic Transitional Success: USSR to EU Public finance policy issues during the political economic transition from centrally planned socialist

The concept of morality

The problem of regulation relations between morality and interests of individual and society. Basic concepts of the essence of morality: moral activity, relationships, moral consciousness. The main social function of morality and its primitive forms.

TV and Radio

I think that TV and Radio are the most powerful means of Mass Media. Almost all people watch TV or listen to the radio for several hours. Many people watch news. There is a large choice of programs on TV. And every person can choose programs that he wants to watch. People watch TV or listen to the radio to entertain themselves or to learn some information.

The etymology of english words (Этимология английских слов)

ЕФЕРАТ The Etymology of English Words contents Survey of certain historical facts Structural elements of borrowings Why Are Words Borrowed? Do Borrowed Words Change or
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