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Slave Trades Essay, Research Paper

African slave trade to the America and the European was much worse than slavery in Africa. In this essay ,I will show you the differences. Where were the slave trade took place. Slavery was mostly happing in North America in the carribean and in Europe.The ships full of slaves mostly come to Cuba. How it happends in Africa is the other tribes hunt other tribes,and trade to the English for weaponds. How were slave treated. In the North the slaves were treted very poorly the English kill the slaves whene they were sick or looking bad they were treated like animals. In Africa the slaves are treated pretty good. The slaves in Africa had more respect but they’ll still do farming. If a baby was born from a slave in Africa the baby could join the tribe

Why did Americans use slaves for, the Americans were lazy so they don’t like to do any work. Another thing why because they want cheap labor. They use slave to get food right in their mouth with out them lifting a finger. that what most slaves are use for. The results of slavery, Civil wars are cost because of hunting slaves. Another things that happends is racism. Wars against tribes. Being slave was horrible no matter where it happened. But being slave in the West was much worse as I have explain in my essay