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Poem: Timeless Love Essay, Research Paper

Throughout the years that man ruled the earth

There have been rules set for us at birth.

Some rules are good some have their place

But some rules are evil and bring disgrace.

For some reason or another we have set aside a rule

That only certain people can be in love; how cruel

To say that we aren’t equal for reason unknown

To say we have to do things their way until we are grown.

Why must they do this, why cant they see

That some things just happen, they are meant to be.

It is not evil I don’t think at least

It is not like the music did it; I am not a beast

I feel how I feel and that won’t be swayed

So what if they think it is wrong, it is a price that I have paid

True emotion, the one from the heart

Does not let a silly thing like age play a part.

Why should it matter, what is the reason

Why do the leaves fall, because it is there season.

There is no explanation short or long

There is no right answer hidden in a song.

Age is a difference in nothing but days

Not intelligence, not beauty, not any of their ways.

So why must they make it such an awful crime

When love knows no bounds and has no sense of time.

You ask me all these questions

Truthfully I can not reply

Because I don’t know the answer

I do not understand why.

All I can say I say from my heart

Is that if loves wants it to happen they won’t play the part

It will find you

And guide you the whole way

But when you get there, watch out

There will be a toll to pay.