America Was Wrong To Enter World War

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II Essay, Research Paper

I think America was wrong in entering World War One, and I?ll tell ya why. We (the United States as a whole) were being Americacentric? just trying to show that we have a bigger (missile) than all the other countries. If that wasn?t the case, then we were just being the world?s police by choosing the side we thought was just and supressing the other; and if we thought we needed to retaliate for American deaths, we were wrong.

America was not doing a good job of being neutral. It was trading with the allies, giving them an advantage over the Germans. We obviously wanted the allies to win, otherwise we?d not have provided advantage. Also, we were being way too sensitive to things done by the other side, the things that brought us into the war in the first place.

As has happened in many past American wars, we chose to enter on the side of those we thought were right. Even though America may have won or helped end World War One, we lost many soldiers in it and many other wars. It?s this policing that costs us much in the way or money and lives, and has plunged us deeper into debt each time and torn families apart,

President Wilson knew after asking for a declaration of war that, no matter if America won, it would lose. The people were convinced enough that they had been done wrong, and they believed that war would fix that. If America had not professed a position (even though that position was supposedly neutral), it would never have entered the war. The American deaths on the Lusitania, Sussex, and Arabic only coincided with attacks on the British by the Germans.

America lost too much for too little in the first World War. Our egotism and immaturity as a country ?caused? us to go to war. Our own profession of neutrality is linked to our joining the war. We took what was said too far, and suffered the consequences.