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Stealing Our Rights Essay, Research Paper

Stealing Our Rights

From the dawn of the first organized communities, to the powerful United

States of America today, there have always been power hungry people who

like to control how we live our lives. They are self righteous in the assumption

that their views are omniscient, and should be followed by the rest of the world.

They slowly force feed each idea down our throats by the use of their

propaganda, using the government as their shield to which they swear to

?protect and serve the people.? This is not new to any of us, somehow

hypnotized over the years to believe that this is the role of government. The

government of the united states has stolen our freedom of speech, The

so-called ?War on Drugs? is a great example of how government has

surpassed its role to protect and serve the people. It is trying to control

consumption of the people, while rationalizing this by declaring it is protecting

the people.