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Music Everywhere Essay, Research Paper

The rhythm flows through one s head. It can be viewed many ways, but effects everyone differently. This naturally occurring and man made miracle can t be summed up in just one short essay. Yet many have and will continue to try. It s carried across millions of airwaves everyday. Yet, if we had never experienced it before, would we miss it?

I am writing about music. I feel that music is more than a sound. It s a way of life, a way of expressing one s inner emotions, feelings and thoughts. Many songs express deep emotions like anger, sadness, love and happiness. The song Have You Ever by Brian Adams expresses love. The song Bad Boy Killaz by Tupac expresses extreme hatred, anger and aggravation. Such other songs as All the Small Things by Blink 182 convey feelings of happiness and humor. Songs such as those above greatly express the emotions of the artists. The words of a song can express feelings thoroughly.

I could not imagine a world without music. A world without music is a world of silence. Imagine watching a television show without background music. Imagine turning on the radio only to find people talking. Imagine driving down the street hearing only the sounds of your own and the surrounding vehicles. Music is everywhere, whether you notice it or not. A few simple sounds around you can unite in a marvelous symphony. It can even occur in a movie theater. The sound of someone playing with a straw, then the sound of someone else reclining in a squeaky

Seat, and yet another person s feet struggling with the sticky floor. One other person s constant shushing brings it all together as a unique song.

Music is the perfect way to convey any message. The message can be carried through various beats and words. In conclusion, I feel that there is a type of music that is special for everyone.