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Men As Entertainment Essay, Research Paper

Since the very beginning the earth we are living on has been the men’s world. It is men who are responsible for world’s affairs and also for everyday things, as the tradition and customs show. However, they are such strange creatures that their acts can often make us irritated and even mad. In order not to become crazy women should consider men only as entertainment and nothing more.

Starting from the early age boys show incredible talents to amuse others. It is absolutely adorable to see them pulling girls’ plaits, teasing, pinching, flicking and smacking them. Amazingly, some boys can cultivate this special entertainment even when they grow up.

As they become older, men have incredible artistic skills needed to become a perfect entertainer. Do all women not love them when they whistle seeing ladies on the street? Their swearing sounds like poetry, and burping is the fundamental part of the most intellectual conversation.

Undoubtedly men can bring a relief to women’s life using their inborn talents. Having a dilemma, which she cannot solve and only becomes nervous, a woman can always count on men who easily find the answer to the all world’s troubles and make the day brighter saying: ‘is it your premenstrual tension, honey?’.

Finally, working on important posts men are even funnier than anywhere else. It is enough to look at politicians. Indisputably they would have no problems with suiting the circus arena as clowns.

To sum up, men appear to have natural genius for entertaining. Perhaps it is a kind of their escape from reality or just the way of living their silly brains have produced. But no matter what the cause of men’s behaviour is, women cannot complain long. After all, we all love men and that is just the way it is in this crazy world.