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Motivation Speech Essay, Research Paper

I. Attention


In America, millions of people are being accused of stealing from the music industry.


People using the Internet, specifically Napster, are being accused of stealing.

II. Needs/Problems/Issues

A.The record companies in America are filing lawsuits against Napster under the terms that they are helping with piracy of their music. However, if they were worried about copying music for free, who do the same record companies, such as Sony, produce tape recorders with two slots so you can easily copy tapes?

B.There is no concrete proof that companies such as Napster cost the record labels any money. In fact, record sales have been as high as ever in the past few years since downloading songs were possible. Many feel that Napster actually helps artists, since it?s a good tool to try to get people to hear your music if you aren?t popular.

C.The majority of households use regular phone lines for their internet connection. With a regular phone line, a song on Napster usually takes between 15-20 minutes to download. Most people would not want to try to download a whole album, as it would take hours to do. Most people still go out to buy the album.

III. Satisfaction

A.I think the music companies need to stop being hypocritical, and also start being realistic and see that things such as Napster does not hurt them.

B.Before the record companies to anything, I think they should do research, and they may possibly see that Napster helps their lower-selling artists. Also, there are a lot more bands behind Napster then against them, so it goes to show that although the record companies try to make it seem like the artists are getting cheated, it just shows that they are greedy.

C.Banning Napster is also pointless if they think people will stop copying music. There is almost someone you know that has a CD that you want to copy. If you didn?t have Napster, you would still just borrow it from your friend and copy it then.

IV. Visualization.

A.If Napster is allowed to continue, many new and upcoming artists will be allowed to continue this free form of advertisement.

B.Discontinuing Napster would not stop piracy at all. If you really wanted to copy a CD, you will find another way to do it.

V. Action

A.First thing you can do is to help support the different advertisers that use Napster to show this is actually profitable.

B.Next, you could write to the companies telling them you bought a CD because you heard one of the songs on Napster.

Again, I feel that while Napster can be used for the wrong reasons, for the most part it is helpful for everyone.