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Revolutionary War 2 Essay, Research Paper

The British lost and the Americans won the Revolutionary war. Though this is true there are arguments that the British lost the war more than the Americans won it. The Americans were under the control of the British and the Americans at first did not even have the intention of independence. Then war broke out between the two and started off as a sort of civil war within the British Empire over colonial affairs but then escalated into an international war with France and Spain joining the Americans. The British never had an overall strategy for winning and displayed a lack of cooperation among their armies. In the end the British lost control of the American colonies to Independence and were forced to comply with the provisions set by the Treaty of Paris. I would have to agree that the British lost the Revolutionary War more than the Americans won it.

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The Great Awakening spread throughout the colonies like a wildfire. It had started because of churchgoers complaining about boring sermons, and ministers worried about the churchgoers lacking faith. The great awakening was the first spontaneous mass movement of the American people that greatly increased the numbers and competitiveness of American churches. It tended to break down sectional boundaries as well as denominational lines which in turn contributed to the development of the separation of church and state in America.