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Italian National Soccer Essay, Research Paper


With an extraordinary record which includes three World Cups the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio celebrated its 100th birthday in 1998. The Italian team was founded on March 16th 1898 on Torino, Italy. The first president of this federation ever elected was Mario Vicary. Soccer in Italy took place from Genova to Rome, from Torino to Palermo, and from Milan to Naples. Soccer was all over the country. The first ever championship in Italy took place in !898 all in one day and Genoa was the first team to hold the title. In 1913 the first national championship took place. Vercelli soundly beat Lazio 6 – 0 to take the first title home to their city. The Italian National Team made their debut on May 15th of 1910 by beating France 6 – 2 in the Milan Arena. Their World Cup debut was in 1930 and there was no luck but thanks to the most memorable president of all time Giorgio Vaccaro Italy captured the World Cup in 1934 and in 1938, also the captured gold at the Berlin Olympics in 1936. The Italians suffered a severe blow when in 1949 a plane full of their most prestigious players crashed on Monte Superga. The crash was blamed on thick fog. Italians suffered defeat every year unti 1968 when a squad led by Valcareggi won the European Cup and then two years later won the Vice World Championship in Mexico. Italy the captured the World Cup once again in 1982 under Enzo Bearzot. This was the last title that was captured by the Italians but the one they capture in 2002 will be there fourth World Cup.