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Graffiti Prevention Essay, Research Paper

In the United States there is 6 billion dollars in graffiti related vandalism every year and over a million dollars in Phoenix

alone. Of course there is no way to stop it but there are ways to prevent, control and cut the cleanup cost in our city. I will

explain some of the methods in use already and others that should be put to use.

The first method, is to pass a law making all stores lock up and restrict the sale of spray paint to any one under 18. Having

stores lock up spray paint prevents graffiti vandals from stealing it, but not all vandals steal the paint. Restricting the sale of

paint to minors is another good idea for prevention. Nearly all graffiti vandals are under the age of 18. With an age

restiction this will help keep the paint out of the hands of the people who use it. The City of Phoenix has already passed both

laws. Since then “freeway graffiti” has dropped by 50%, and graffiti in the city has been cut by 20%.

A second method that may help stop graffiti is a “graffiti hotline”. A graffiti hotline is a phone number that you can call to

report vandals. Having a hotline may lead to the arrest of some vandals. If a graffiti vandal is arrested he is more than likely

to stop writing graffiti. The vandals that do not stop have their name on record and it will be easier for the police to arrest

them again.