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The Black Mountain Essay, Research Paper

The title of the novel is The Black Mountain and Rex Stout wrote it in 1954. Nero Wolfe is the main character in the story. He is the grand master of detection that lives in New York with his partner Archie Goodwin. The main incident of the story occurred right in the beginning when Nero s best friend, Marko, got killed. But that wasn t the last bad thing that happened to Wolfe. In chapter four somebody in Montenegro killed his step daughter and that motivated him to go there and solve the crime.

I was very impressed by Wolfe s thinking when they found the killer, Peter Zov. Wolfe rescued him from Albanians and offered his help. He became his partner and made him believe that he can be very useful for Peter in America, because he was an American citizen and had connections in United States. This plan had worked and they brought Peter Zov in to States with the gun that he used to kill Marko.

I was shocked to learn about Mrs. Britton s death, Wolfe s adopted daughter, somewhere on the Black Mountain. I really felt sorry for her because the author described her as a very beautiful and smart woman. This incident made Wolfe very frustrated. Although Wolfe hated to travel and disliked all vehicles, he traveled to Rome, Bari and Rijeka to solve this mystery. No matter what Wolfe always had a backup plan.

Overall I enjoyed reading this book. The book has a lot of suspense and I was motivated to read the book faster than I usually read books. I would like to recommend this book and all of the stories by Rex Stout to everyone who has a passion for reading mystery novels.