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Ode To Boys Essay, Research Paper

We like them

But do they like us

The ones we do never fuss

They don’t stop in

And we wonder why

We stress, we bitch

We sometimes cry

Guys are *censored*s

We always say

Yet their stupid games

We always play.

One day this, one day that

So we turn to food

Which makes us fat

Then they complain

That we’re putting on weight

Defining to us

why we never date

They’re the reason

Those stupid *censored*s

Making us believe

That college life sucks

Screw them all,

Let’s grab a BEER

We’ve got our friends

They’re all here

We don’t need them

No, not us

Good for a scam

But never to trust

So here’s what to do

Together we stand

We’ll party it up

With beers in each hand

Alone in our beds

Of course it might end

But we don’t get dumped

And we still have our FRIENDS!