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Napster Essay, Research Paper

There are many different controversies when consulting the topic on Napster. Napster is a computer program that lets people download mp3 music files from other people with the program. Lots of people and music companies believe that this is bad and Napster should be stopped or should charge people. Many other people believe that that Napster is a good thing and should remain free of charge.

There are many people who think that the way Napster is distributing music is bad. One reason they think it is bad is because they consider it stealing the copyrighted music. These people also believe that Napster should be shut down or they should start to charge people for the service. The way these people see Napster is that it is stealing their copyrighted music and then distributing it for free.

There are other people who believe that Napster is a good thing and should stay the way it is, free of charge. These people think that the music on Napster is a great way for advertising that is also free. This is also a great way for new bands to get discovered and get more people to listen to them. These are the people that are fighting to try to keep Napster the way it is and keep it free of charge.

Napster has gone to court to try and make a deal with the companies and the people against them. Napster has offered to try and block the copyrighted music to make the people happy but that was impossible to block all of them. The court ended up ruling for Napster to start to charge people to use the computer program.

In conclusion, even thought there are many different controversies consulting the topic of Napster and the people, the court has now made a decision to make Napster charge people. There are still many people that strongly believe in both sides, but it is just time until Napster has to start charging people.