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Fire_and_Ice Essay, Research Paper

?Fire and Ice? by Robert Frost is an epigram which presents the poet?s dislike of hatred, indifference, and desire that human beings display towards one another. Compressing these feelings into an epigram tends to make his message quite clear and brief. Thus, Frost?s tone in ?Fire and Ice? is somewhat glib and straight to the point?perhaps even slightly stoic. The only bit of emotion that he reveals is in line three, where he mentions, ??From what I?ve tasted of desire?.? It seems that the speaker finds destruction of the world by fire more appropriate for squelching desire (perhaps some sort of immoral desire, such as stealing or adultery) and ice ?would suffice? in smothering the world?s collective hatred. Once again, considering ?Fire and Ice? is so brief, the poet?s emotional involvement in the writing is very detached. Rather than describing his feelings, Frost unconventionally speaks about the world?s final destruction.