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Compare And Contrast Essay, Research Paper


English 119

Assignment # 2

Comparison and Contrast

I have never really thought about my experiences with the birth in a comparison before. I have shared or swapped stories with other mom’s picking out our likenesses. So taking on this assignment has made me see the differences that have occurred between the births of my children.

My second pregnancy was the most ungratifyling experience. I was only 18 years old and married because it was the right thing to do. On that fateful evening I was eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking milk, when I stood up right in front of my father-in-law and felt a huge rush of water (or urine, as I thought I had just lost control). I was horrified. Immediately I began what I considered to be major league pain. I went to Lamaze, but it didn?t really sink in. I wasn’t ready for the pain that I would face over the next 17 hours.

At the hospital I was treated poorly. This I concluded was do to my age. I was scared. I wasn?t able to dilate, so a c-section was ordered. No one explained the reasons behind this course of action, nor explained the procedure. I felt like a third person. Soon the ordeal would be over and I had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl.

My third pregnancy I was 2 years older and just a bit wiser. I read everything and tried to stay at work and eat well. All the things I thought would be better for me. I wanted to change the outcome. I didn’t remember the pain I had previously in a physical sense, but in a mental way. I wanted to make the choices and be in on all the decisions. Many things were different for me. I couldn’t stay at work and was put on bed rest. It hurt to carry the baby. I had a lot of pressure on my pelvis. Close to my due date the doctor let me choose to get induced. I gladly accepted so I could be done with the pregnancy because once again, things didn?t go the way I wanted.

The induction didn’t work and I had another c-section. I had another HANDSOME boy. She had some breathing problems and had to go to Sacramento for a week. Because of this, I made myself get up quicker and move around instead of resting like you should.

In conclusion, I did compare my second pregnancy to my third. I now can see how truly different they both are. I think that is what makes them so unique! My first and fourth (last) births were boys they were not so horrible easy labor, little computation with my last birth. I have four children now, three boys and one girl and all is well.