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CEO profile on Bill GatesBelow is a profile on the CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gatring records. Bill Gates has definitelyhelped prepare the world for the year 2000. SummaryBill Gates began programming computers at the age of thirteen. In 1974, he developed BASICwhile attending Harvard University, and in 1975 dropped out to form Microsoft with friendPaul Allen. They believed that the computer would revolutionize the world. Through thisbelief Gates has brought Microsoft from an unknown company to the worlds largest softwareprovider. MicrosoftSince its meager beginning in 1975 Microsoft has grown into a software giant. Theirsoftware is on 90 percent of all personal computers and over 100 million units of theWindows95 software has been shipped to date. The company s success is also shown in itssales and profits. In 1994 sales reached $4.9 billion and net profits were $1.2 billion. Current ProjectsOn December 7, 1995 Gates decided on Microsoft s next step. He realized that nearly 20million people were surfing the net with out using any Microsoft software. An all dayprogram was staged to let the public know that they had every intention of producingInternet software and winning over the majority of Internet users. In order to show that hemeant business, Gates expanded the Internet Platform and Tools Division to 2500 employees.This was more personnel than the top five web browser combined. After this offensive Scott Winkler, vice-president and market researcher at Gartner GroupInc. was quoted as saying, People aren t asking anymore if Microsoft will be killed by theInternet but whether Microsoft will dominate the Internet. (Business Week, 57). In sixmonths time Bill Gates had changed the direction that Microsoft was going. JefferyKatsenburg of DreamWorks SKG said, I can t think of one corporation that has had this kindof success and after 20 years, just stopped and decided to reinvent itself form the ground up. Since the kickoff of the Internet project, Microsoft has been working feverishly toincorporate the Internet into its products. They have successfully incorporated it into itsWindows95 and have also created new software called Microsoft Network. Business PhilosophyBill Gates is a very fast moving person. He feels that time is of the essence and that

every second counts. In an interview conducted by Playboy magazine Gates was asked abouthis management practices which was referred to as management by embarrassment, and alsoabout rumors that he has left personnel in tears. Gates replied as follows: I don t know anything about employees in tears. I do know that if people say things that are wrong, others shouldn t just sit there silently. They should speak. Great organizations demand a high level of commitment by the people involved. That s true in any endeavor. I ve never criticized a person. I have criticized ideas. If I think something s a waste of time or inappropriate I don t wait to point it out. I say it right away. It s real time. So you might hear me say, That s the dumbest idea I have ever heard many times during a meeting. Gates was also asked by Industry Weekly what he felt were his greatest challenges as the CEOof Microsoft. He replied with the challenge of making the transition from one era to thenext. He thinks that a lot of times companies don t know their lagging behind in theindustry or they don t realize their problems until it is too late. When they realize theirmistakes they can no longer correct them in time to keep the company in its currentposition. Gates was also asked in the same interview about the leadership qualities he most admires and replied, Vision, innovation, long-term thinking, and risk-taking. (Industry Weekly, 13). MethodThe contents of this report were taken from the following magazines: Microsoft: a lesson in management, Business Week, 15 July 1996, 98. Gates wins respect, Industry Weekly, 20 November 1995, 12(4)Information was also taken from the following web history/Bill.Gates.html (Playboy, 1994 interview)microsoft/corpinfo/bill-g/billbio.htmmicrosoft/corpinfo/about-ms.htmConclusionThrough great leadership, Gates has taken Microsoft from an unknown company to the lead ofthe software industry. He is a very fast paced leader, and does not let any one or thingstand in his way. If it was not for Gates and Microsoft we might still be using theelectric typewriter for the task of writing and the file cabinet for