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History Of Lacrosse Essay, Research Paper

What is Lacrosse?


Lacrosse is the oldest sport in North America, and dates back to the 1400 s. Lacrosse did not become well know until the 1600 s.

The first person to acknowledge the game of lacrosse was Jean de Brebeuf. He saw Indians playing with a stick and a net looking feature. This net was strung in cross patterns, so the name La Crosse stuck, and eventually became Lacrosse.

The game has been called the fastest game on two feet. The sport is similar to basketball, hockey, and soccer. There is a lot of thinking and athletic skill involved.

There are four different positions in the game: the attackman, defenseman, midfielder, and the goalie.

Midfielders are usually the short, fast people. They are the guys who are good at passing. This position is like basketball, and most likely the most physical.

The attack position requires the most amount of shooting skills.

The defense position involves a lot of hitting and the player needs to be bigger, maybe an ex-football player type.


So far, I have learned quite a bit about the game already. I don t understand everything about the game yet, but I am sure after reading my sources, I will understand the game fully.

All of this information is important to the body of my paper. In order for the reader to gain an understanding of how the game operates, they must know what each individual player does.