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Malcolm X Essay, Research Paper

Malcolm X, a character for fighting for the rights of the blacks and trying to protect the Civil Rights of blacks. But before he became the well-respected man that he is he was a thief and drug user. I believe he felt that he more than fulfilled his duties as a Negro as of what was expected of them back then. He ended up getting caught stealing from a rich white man. He was sentenced for 10 years. I considered this the end of the first stage that Malcolm X s life. The second stage starts off when he meets a man in jail who confronts him and starts preaching to Malcolm about the Honorable Eligah Mohammed. He starts telling Malcolm about the white mans poison and the lack of the black mans education. Then he tells Malcolm to start reading the dictionary and write down definitions to all the words. When he got out of prison he went to go see the Honorable Eligah Mohammed. Mohammed told him about his beliefs and Malcolm started preaching outside on the streets to anyone that he could get to listen. As time went on his crowd of people grew until he was the most known preacher of the Honorable Eligah Mohammed. The corporation that backed Mohammed however thought that Malcolm was getting to much power and was going to become a threat to Mohammed. Mohammed however disagreed and thought Malcolm was what they needed to get the word out. Malcolm then went on a trip to visit Muslims. When he got there he was respected by many for what he was trying to do. He learned there that people are people not blacks or whites or any other color for that matter. He drunk from the same cup as a white man and he ate off the same plate as a white man. This changed how he looked at people and how he felt about the Honorable Eligah Mohammed and his belief. Realizing that the blacks and whites should live together not segregated this made him surpass his second stage of life.

Malcolm X s third stage is when he tries to preach what he learned by the Muslims. Leaving behind most of what he used to preach he went out to preach his new belief with few followers who supported him at first. Taking threats and punishment on himself and his family Malcolm X continued to strive towards his goal willing to sacrifice himself for the well beings of his brothers and that is the third and final stage. I believe his life before his arrest was the most important part of Malcolm’s life. I believe this because if Malcolm were born rich he would have never got a taste of how life for the average black was. Being poor and having to work hard labor helped Malcolm see what life was and gave him first hand experience on the subject in which I believe gave him the ability to speak freely and on instinct. I believe Malcolm X would view U.S.A. in 1998 as a victorious battle for the African Americans. I believe he would still object for the allowing of the KKK organization to stay active. Even though they have freedom of speech he would view it as a wall that will not allow the U.S.A. to become a whole until this organization is rid of.