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Every Single Day Essay, Research Paper

Every Single Day

By Kacey Babineaux

You just can?t stop looking for

Your old friends

Your old lovers

Your old hope

But you do quietly wonder to yourself,

Where did they all go?

Every Single Day is,

One more impossible thing that

You?ve got to learn to deal with.

Every Single Day it?s

Things getting farther and farther beyond out stretched grasp and

Every Single Day it?s

Feeling more and more like you?re dragging yourself out of bed

Out of pure spite towards something,

But you don?t know what that something is.

It is a pitiful, evil game with only losers,

Where degrees of success are measured by how much dignity you can manifest in the face of your own avoidable loss.

I clench my teeth and curse the fate and hope that when I do go down

And I don?t mean if I go down

I mean when I go down

That I will still be able to look straight back up

If even for only a moment


But undefeated.