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Learning foreign languages in Russian schools

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Автор: Разное

Learning foreign languages in Russian schools

There’re many schools in Russia which curriculum has English. And it’s justified. There is no program, rusified or non-rusified, which is free from English words, no programming language, except JARRS, which has no functions or operators, came from English, but there are so many books, devices’ user instructions that have no word which is not an English word. Internet sites in the English language, people who speak English. You can’t read or understand all above mentioned if you don’t speak English.

So speaking English gives us so many privileges in society and I think that we should learn English more intensive to have these privileges. We should introduce six hours of learning English a week for all Russian schools and introduce English from the first year in primary schools. After these transformations we will get students, and then citizens, who will have all above mentioned privileges and will also be able to communicate well with people from other countries. I’m a good example of this: in May I needed to call to America. Knowing English, I was able to call Americans and did what I wanted to do.

So we should make learning English more intensive to make our citizens more communicative and well-rounded.