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Florida Essay Research Paper


There are many different places to go and to see in this great country. Are you looking for fun in the sun? Then Florida is your vacation paradise. The whole family will enjoy a trip to Florida because of many different attractions water activities and sports.

If your family is looking for a variety of theme parks to enjoy than Orlando is the place. You could go to Disney world and enjoy four different parks in one. For the Speed freaks there is Islands of Adventure which is just filled with roller coasters. Or for the water lover there is Sea world you can take a journey under the water and not get wet.

Everyone in the water will enjoy their time in the water. There are some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. On the east coast you have the golden beaches which are great for tacking long walks or just laying out in the sun. But on the west coast you have white coral sand beaches which are great for laying out and long walks too but they are world renowned for the shelling and sand dollars.

For the sports fanatic there are just a plethora of sports to choose from. For the baseball fan we have are very own team the Florida Marlins which play out of Miami. There are also hundreds of Golf courses to choose from for you golfers and for the football fan we also have the Miami Dolphins which play out of Pro Player Stadium in Miami.

As you can see Florida has a great variety of things to keep the kids occupied or enough quiet places to have that romantic dinner she always wanted. We are always open and friendly so come on down to florida and make everyone?s trip a trip to remember.