20000 Leagues Under The Sea Essay Research

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Captain Nemo is by far the best of all the characters. He show quickness a cunning and charming personailty. Captain Nemo is the captain of this extravagent under water ship called the Nautilus. On his ship the scavage the surface of the ocean under them in search for food supplies and new species of animals.

One day the Nautilus picks up some people who are ship wrecked and just floating around on the ocean. Captain Nemo invites the people abord his ship and treats them as the highest of guest. The few people who were ship wrecked start to get a little noisey and snoop around. One of the men even tries to sabotage the ship.

The man’s attempt fails. Although the ship does final get wrecked and sinks to the total bottom of the ocean. Captain Nemo dies and the people who were ship wrecked before live to tell the story of the great ship and it’s captain.

This book is a must read story.I suggest everyone read it atleast once in thier life.Defoe the author illustrates magnificent descriptions of the ship and it’s crew. I give his book 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea a 10.