Mall Of America Essay Research Paper David

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Mall Of America Essay Research Paper

David Guterson’s narrative about the Mall of America delves into several facets that are embedded throughout the mall both physically and mentally. A vivid description about the mall’s interior design makes the audience feel like they have visited the mall. Guterson also writes about how people individually and as a society are effected psychologically by this pseudo-metropolis.

The grandeur of the mall is without question second to none. Shoppers are drawn to visit because of all the modern frills contained within. A theme park arcade hundreds of shops and eateries are the staples of the mall but the gardens flowers and trees define the mall as being “the best of the best.” The atmosphere created by combining “Mother Earth” with twentieth century technology creates a certain mystique to the mall and gives the shopper a very comfortable place to spend the day or maybe even days.

In true American nature record amounts of money were spent on building the mall and some workers employed by the mall are or were underpaid. However Americans thirst for a place they can go to escape from their everyday problems. Our nature is to be materialistic at times and I really do not see a major problem with indulging ourselves every now and again but I find a problem when material things are used to determine success power and self worth. The Mall of America truly represents America as a society but not as individuals.