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Hurricanes Essay Research Paper

La Nina wields its weight on hurricane season.This article reports that during the months of August and September we should notice more hurricanes than usual because of this years La Nina. In addition to more hurricanes The storms that hit this year should be more intense. A hurricane consists of high-velocity winds blowing circularly around a low pressureCenter known as the eye of the storm. When tropical storm winds reach 73 miles per hour or greater it is classified as a hurricane. Most hurricanes occur in the late summer and early fall when the ocean water temperatures are warm. There is an average of 20 hurricanes every year. This article shows the effect that La Nina has on the hurricane season. La Nina is when the water temperatures are cooler than normal in the eastern pacific. Changes in the Pacific Ocean water temperature causes sever weather patterns in the Atlantic Ocean.

Military aircraft have been flying into hurricanes since 1943 to better study and predict the size of the storm. By flying into a hurricane scientists are able to measure wind velocities and directions the location and size of the storms eye the pressure within the storm and their thermal structure. Weather satellites also supply data to the national weather center in central Florida. Researchers report that more hurricanes are reported during the La Nina year then that of The El Nino. This report not only says that there are more hurricanes reported but during the La Nina year the storms were much more intense.