Mother Hale Essay Research Paper General Topic

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Mother Hale Essay Research Paper

General Topic: Clara ?Mother? Hale

Purpose Statement: I want to inspire good will and admiration in the minds and hearts of

the audience toward ?Mother? Hale.


A.Motivating Devices: ?A True American Hero? Ronald Reagan 1985

State of the Union Address.

Visual Aid: Picture of Mother Hale.

B. Thesis Statement: Despite overwhelming odds Mother Hale founded

and maintained a successful organization to help drug addicted and AIDS infected babies.



2.Lack of money


A.Age : According to www.Halehouse: Hale was 64 when she took in

first heroin addicted baby.

1.Sub-point: Addict story

2.Subpoint: 22 babies in months. Hands on caring

and love instead of drug therapy.

B.Lack Of Money:

1.According to the book Hale House by Lorraine Hale:

Mother Hale used her own money initially.

2.According to NY Newsday 10/26/90 Mother Hale stripped of

over $36 000 a month.

3.Alternative funding.


A.Mother Hale?s fierce independence and devotion to service despite her age and lack of public funding made Hale House a success.

B.Closing Statement: Visual Aid: Hale doesn?t look like a hero but is one.