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Education Today Essay, Research Paper

Education Today

Education today isn?t quiet what I would like it to be; although it is improving if I was in power I think I would make a few changes. In high school there are certain classes that are mandatory for an individual to graduate history, chemistry and biology are a couple. Now for an individual who knows he or she is going in the computer field for example these classes are entirely useless. In my career to come as a Network Administrator I heavily doubt that I will ever need to know when Rome fell or the structure of an animal cell. That is one thing that bothers me, unneeded classes. Students will just get bored and learn to hate school more and more. But with college it is different we are being geared with more useful classes like Public Speaking along with certain classes that pertain to your choice of field. Although college is a lot of work, it?s getting us ready for the rest of our lives. Also, even though I hate to say it, the world is coming together a lot more lately to the point where I feel its necessary to start teaching foreign languages at a younger grade level. I hated learning foreign languages when I was in junior high and in high school but supposedly they?re easier to learn when you?re younger anyway. But the school system is improving, most of the classes are backing away from the old style of just lecture and memorization and are starting to move toward more group work and open discussions. This gets the students involved and more interested in what is going on in the class, instead of sitting and watching the clock waiting for the heavenly sound of the bell.