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This essay will be about the prohibition of English words in France by law.

It is quiet a big problem to forbid words only because the government is afraid that it s own language could die. The spread of English all over the world and it s position as global language can t be stopped or disputed and that is why I think that it is irresponsible to outlaw English words. In one or two decades English will be spoken everywhere and nobody will be able to communicate without using English. That is when the trouble for the French will start if they continue with this politic. The French people wont be able to understand the English expressions and words. Once the expansion of English in France is stopped it will be difficult to catch up with all the other countries which have English as everyday language. It is out of question that any Frenchman who wants to work in a section in which people come up with new inventions all the time will have problems because most of the inventions are named in English and since English is prohibited in their country they wont even know the words for the new stuff. Considering the fact that countries like France are global players it is fairly a problem for countries in which English is not prohibited because they will have to excluded France from world politic, economy, environment and all the other important things since the French wont know the specific words which are needed to uphold a discussion of as big importance as a NATO meeting or something. Perhaps I overestimated the problem a bit with my last point but I think it will not only be a national problem for the English prohibiting countries but more a problem of international importance.

Anyway there is still the one or the other good thing to be found in the decision of the French.

France is proud of it s language and so it is their right to keep it clean. They want to have a own tongue which mirrors the French culture and history. Perhaps it is good to keep some dialects alive in order to remember us of the language variety we once had but the disadvantage will always lie by those countries which didn t keep up with the others. And maybe all at once people have a change of mind and want their old languages back but that is pretty unlikely.

I did myself rather hard finding some convincing facts that defend (vindicate) the prohibition of English but in the end I came up with the few above mentioned points.

I would say that the French don t want to realize that English becomes the global language and not French. In earlier times French and English was equally spread and than all at once English is considered as global language. And worse to come English wants to kill French. The Frenchman can t stand this shame and try to prevent the English triumph by prohibiting English in their own country. But I think it is impossible to stop English mixing up with all the different languages but that is only my opinion