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Stand By Me Essay, Research Paper

Stand By Me Stand By Me, is a film written in 1986, that focuses on the two day journey of four best friends. The music in the film is one that is mostly song scoring. The music in this film was chosen very well. It was even pop song scoring. This movie has two main examples of music that I would like to point out, starting with moodsetting, it then moves to song scoring. This film uses moodsetting very well, in the very beginning, Gordie, one of the stars, sits in his car as an old man. In the background is a very nostalgic song. While this song is playing he tells us the story of his three friends and him. The song fades out when the screen fades in to when they were kids. Another example of this moodsetting is when Gordie enters his dead brother s room. This tune is a sad and tear jerking. His brothers room was just as it was when he died and this reminded him of his brother. The tune stopped abruptly when his father came in and asked if he had found what he was looking for. The last example of moodsetting was when they found the dead body. This tune was played by a synthesizer. It was a very sad tune and was one that may have been played at a funeral at one point in time.

The other type of music I found was song scoring. Since the story took place in the 50 s of 60 s, most of the songs were from that time period. They usually came at points in the movie when nothing much else was happening. Either that or it was source music coming from the radio in the car. It mostly reminded me of care free living, and growing up listening to this type of music in the car with my parents. The few examples that I have are when they are walking down the railroad tracks and there was a song in the background. Another was when the older gang was driving to find the body, and the game of chicken was being played, there was a song that was a “driving” song back then. The underscore of the song Stand By Me was played when the kids had just gotten back and were splitting up to go home. Over all the music in this film was very well chosen and added a lot to the movie. If I was alive in the 50 s and 60 s, I might have thought more of the songs chosen.