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Goals Essay, Research Paper


High school is a very important time in a persons life. This is the time to set goals. We not only set goals, but set out to find solutions. My first goal in no particular order is to become a good athlete. My next goal is to be a good student and graduate high school, with a 3.0 GPA. There’s a last goal, but I am saving it for later. My goals are simple, but not as easy to accomplish.

Athletics are very fun , and may help count towards another goal in life. Sports may be fun, but you need hard work to become good at it. There is a chance that one day I may be able to get a scholarship for college even tough I haven’t decided on a sport yet I should have one by the end of the year. Sports take up time, and at some points are hard and my be a burden, but it is all worth it in the end. Becoming an athlete is a goal of mine, but there are goals more important and the next one is.

In only having sports and not education it would be like owning a car, but with out an engine inside. I want that engine, therefore I must get my education and maintain a high GPA. I could accomplish this by doing all my work(I am working on this at the time being). Also not only doing my work, but on time and as neat as I can get it (also working on these two at the time being). My goal may also be accomplished by paying attention in class(there are a lot of things to learn that school teaches us), and try to do more listening and less talking. All of this makes a great recipe for at least a 3.0 GPA.

Have you ever had to use a combination lock? If you have you know that there are three numbers, well the combination for my success in life is first education, then athletics, and last but definitely not least, going to a four year college. This is the perfect goal in life, besides that fact my two other goals fit right in this category. Sports may help me get an athletic scholarship which may make my parents happier at least financial wise. The next goals education you cant get an athletic scholarship if you don’t have the grades. Even without sports you can still get an academic scholarship, but that’s takes a lot of hard work(that’s my goal anyway’s) and sacrifice. During college I plan on majoring in psychology, and becoming a psychologist.

The reason of becoming a psychologist is that I like to hear what people have to say and maybe I can help them. The ideal location would probably be the city such as Los Angeles or New York. First things first, I got to graduate high school. These goals are pretty simple, but will be tough to accomplish. All I know is it that I will make it.