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Cold New World Essay, Research Paper

Cold New World: Summary

Just from reading the introduction I feel that “Cold New World is a perfect title for this novel. The author tells about his shift into a known, but unknown new place. I have been living in America for twenty-one years and I would have to agree with the author when he says that this country was (and is) in a strange, even an unprecedented condition. When most people think “America” they think of all the events that occurred in the past for it to be called “America”. In actuality, the people that live in this country are the ones who make it what it is. I understand people migrating from foreign lands to gain some freedom from their undesirable situations. I also understand “Americans” helping those who were not born into the “land of the free”. What I don’t understand is the natural-born Americans who are held captive by their undesirable situations, without aid or an effort to help make America a better place for all gender classes, races, and socioeconomic classes.

I look forward to the reading and completion of Finnegan’s look into the lives of the people who make America what it is. The lives that make one ponder the statement of America truly being the “land of the free”.