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America Essay, Research Paper

To some it is an inconceivable notion of perfection.To many, though it was a dream come true. Freedom, equality, and liberty. The right to do and say exactly what you want and to do what you want, to practice and religion and believe in any government.The American way of life is based on the fact that all men are created equal and all men should be given the same rights and privileges.The American people are extremely fortunate and sometimes overlook the gift of religion and government freedom which they posses.everyone has an equal opportunity to go for the American dream in full stride and not be denied along the way.The reason most immigrants came over to America in the mid-1800 s was to be successful and make a better life for themselves and their families. Today, just like then, people can work hard and achieve their idea of success. If someone goes to school, works hard, and is determined they can do anything they wish to do. On the other side if someone is not educated, does not work, and becomes unmotivated, their success will reflect that.

The American dream is all about being able to control your own destiny and make your life a success, which can be done today in America.All people living in American society are able to freely practice religious and government beliefs, have equal opportunity in all aspects of life, and are able to control their own success based upon the amount of hard work they choose to do.